Overview of ZBC Staking

Get Ready for Nautilus’ Stake-A-Thon — a Staking Rewards Program

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new event: The Nautilus Stake-A-Thon! On top of a generous base-rate reward program, you can earn extra from three different bonuses:

  1. The Quantity Bonus

  2. The Transaction Bonus

  3. The Zepoch Node Bonus

Start Now: https://www.zbcstaking.com/staking?code=SNWPPFRF

User Guide & FAQ: https://docs.zbcstaking.com/

🏆How does the campaign work?

To participate, simply stake at least 10 ZBC in one of the given packages. There are three different packages you can choose from, divided by how long you decide to stake:

  • 18 days

  • 88 days

  • 188 days

  • 888 days

The longer you choose to stake, the more rewards you will earn, and all rewards will be sent to the wallet address you used to stake.

🎉 Stake-a-thon Highlights

Flexibility: You can choose how long or short a staking period you want.

Profitability: Deep reward pools mean you can earn amazing yield — especially as you stake more!

Community: Not only will earn token rewards, but you’ll also become part of the Nautilus community, pioneering cutting-edge crypto technology.

ZBC Staking Dual Mode: ZBC-U and ZBC-Z

When using our ZBC Staking product, you now have the option to choose between two different interest calculation modes: ZBC-U and ZBC-Z. These two modes operate differently to cater to various investment needs.

  1. ZBC-U Mode (Price-at-Staking Calculation):

In the ZBC-U mode, your staking interest is calculated based on the ZBC-to-USDT price recorded when you staked your ZBC tokens. Your annualized yield is fixed and not influenced by fluctuations in the ZBC token's market price. Your annual earnings are calculated based on the staked amount and annual yield rate. This mode is suitable for investors seeking stable returns unaffected by market volatility.

  1. ZBC-Z Mode (Real-time ZBC Price Calculation):

In the ZBC-Z mode, your staking interest is calculated based on the real-time market price of ZBC tokens. This means that if the price of ZBC tokens rises, you may earn higher interest, but if the price falls, your interest may also decrease. This mode is suitable for investors willing to take on greater market risks in pursuit of higher returns.

Here is a simulated earnings calculation table to clearly illustrate the differences between these two modes and provide detailed information on user earnings rules:

Regular Reward Rates

Regular staking on Zebec’s Staking platform is already extremely reumnerative. Unlike many other staking platforms, we offer preset packages to make staking simple. The longer you stake, the more you will earn:

Select which ever package best suits your needs.

However, as a part of this Stake-A-Thon, you can earn BONUS rewards based on referrals, the amount of ZBC you stake, the on-chain transactions you bring to the ecosystem, and the number of Zepoch Node NFTs you hold. Details below!

Referral Rewards

Burn $18 worth of ZBC to enjoy referral rewards. Here are the rewards you can earn from referring others to stake ZBC when they use your referral code (Be aware that the rewards are based on the yield amount, not the principal):

  • 0.08% of the yield from all referrals whose newly staked ZBC value is equal to or greater than $888 worth of ZBC staked.

  • 0.8% of the yield from all referrals whose newly staked ZBC value is equal to or greater than $8,888 worth of ZBC staked.

  • 8.8% of the yield from all referrals whose newly staked ZBC value is equal to or greater than $88,888 worth of ZBC staked.

The Quantity Bonus

If you stake above certain amounts, you can earn bonus yields. Here are the bonuses based on how much you have staked:

  • $888 to $8,888 worth of ZBC = 0.88% extra yield percentage

  • $8,888 to $88,888 worth of ZBC = 8.88% extra yield percentage

  • $88,888 or more worth of ZBC = 28.88% extra yield percentage

The On-Chain Transactions Bonus

Using your wallet to complete a certain number of transactions will also increase the amount of yield earned by the tokens staked by that wallet. Here is a breakdown of the transaction count bonus:

  • Over 88 transactions = 0.088% extra yield percentage

  • Over 888 transactions = 0.88% extra yield percentage

  • Over 8,888 transactions = 8.88% extra yield percentage

  • Over 88,888 transactions = 88.88% extra yield percentage

  • Over 188,888 transactions = 100% extra yield percentage

The Zepoch Node Bonus

As always, Zepoch Node holders will earn special rewards. Here’s how their bonus breaks down:

  • 1 Zepoch earns 0.88% extra yield on your stake

  • 10 or more Zepoch earns 8.88% extra yield on your stake

  • 50 or more Zepochs earn 100% extra yield on your stake

Note: When users stake, the real-time price of $ZBC is recorded. When withdrawing at the end of the staking period, rewards will be calculated based on the $ZBC/USDT price at staking and withdrawal. Rewards are calculated using simple interest, not compound interest, and any additional bonus rewards are based on the yield, not the principal.

Profit Burning Penalty for Early Withdraw:

When you stake, you can choose to stake for 18, 88, 188, or 888 days. However, whichever term you select, withdrawing early will incur a penalty equal to 88% of the yield have earned so far. Depending on how much yield has accrued, the penalty may result in the principal being slightly reduced. For example:

User A stakes 1000 ZBC with an annual yield of 18% for 88 days, which is approximately 0.05% daily. If User A chooses to withdraw on day 60, they will have earned ~30 ZBC:

1000 * 0.05% * 60 = 30 ZBC in interest.

The original total yield for this package would have been 44 ZBC:

1000 * 0.05% * 88 = 44 ZBC.

The early withdrawal penalty, in this case, would be 38.72 ZBC because 44 * 88% = 38.72 ZBC. That means the user will receive only 991.28 ZBC back:

1000 ZBC principal + 30 ZBC interest — 38.72 ZBC = 991.28 ZBC

All deducted ZBC will be burned.

Stake, Earn, and Build!

The rewards in the ZBC Stake-a-thon can hugely increase the value of your holdings. By participating, you will also be part of the Nautilus community, helping redefine the boundaries of crypto by building modular, L3 blockchain technology!

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