Bridging ZBC to Nautilus

Bridging Your ZBC to Nautilus

Once you have ZBC in your own wallet, you can use the Nautilus bridge. To start, choose the origin network of your ZBC and connect your wallet.

From there, you can simply input how many ZBC tokens you want to bridge to the Nautilus Chain.

After choosing how many tokens you wish to transfer, select which address you want to receive the tokens. If you select “Self,” it should auto-populate your own EVM wallet address, but it is also good to double-check everything.

Once completed, you will have ZBC in your EVM wallet, like MetaMask, on the Nautilus network. Congrats! You are ready to stake ZBC on Nautilus.

You can find more details here if you get stuck, or reach out on our Discord.

NOTES on Bridging ZBC on Solana

When bridging from Solana to Nautilus, keep a couple of things in mind:

First, even if you are bridging from Solana, it’s still best to connect with your EVM wallet (like MetaMask) before initiating the bridging transaction. This will help auto-populate the correct address when you are bridging to one of your own wallets.

Second, there are two ZBC tokens on Solana, ZBC and wZBC, but you can only bridge wZBC to Nautilus. You can easily get wZBC by visiting and connecting a Solana wallet.

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