Referral Codes

Earn from Your Referees' Staked Yields

You can share a personal referral code to boost your earnings. You’ll earn a percentage of the yield your referees earn based on how much they have staked with your code.

To get a referral code, you’ll first need to stake any amount of ZBC. Then, go to the “Refer” page in the navigation bar and click on “Generate.”

Confirm the ZBC cost for purchasing the invitation code, and then click the OK button. Open your wallet and confirm the transaction. Once you have purchased an invitation code, you can copy the code or copy the invitation link.

Congratulations on Staking Your First ZBC!

With that, you have now gone from not owning any ZBC to staking it on Nautilus Chain! You are not only earning lucrative token rewards, but you’ve also joined a global community of people working to bring L3 chains to Web3. Together we are pushing the boundaries of crypto technology to speed mass adoption.

But those efforts only work because of your support as a community member. Thank you for being part of the modular L3 chain movement!

Keep your eyes on our social channels for upcoming campaigns and updates. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our Telegram or Discord.

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