Potential issues you may encounter include:

1. While confirming the cross-chain, if the spinning circle keeps going without response for a long time, what should I do?

Try refreshing the page. Usually, this solves the issue after a refresh.

2. When staking for the first time, if clicking the "Stake" button doesn't respond, what can I do?

Delete the referral code and try again.

General Questions about ZBC Staking

1. What is ZBC Staking?

ZBC Staking is a high-return activity provided by Nautilus' Stake-A-Thon. In this event, users stake ZBC tokens for a specific period to earn rewards. The staking period options are 18, 88, 188, or 888 days. The longer you stake, the more rewards you earn.

2. What are the benefits of ZBC Staking?

The benefits include flexibility in choosing the staking period, profitability from deep reward pools, and the opportunity to become part of the Nautilus community.

3. How do I participate in ZBC Staking?

To participate, you need to stake at least 10 ZBC in one of the given packages (18, 88, 188, or 888 days). You can choose your staking period based on your needs and potential rewards.

4. What are the rewards for ZBC Staking?

The reward rates are as follows:

18 Days: 8% annualized return rate

88 Days: 18% annualized return rate

188 Days: 28% annualized return rate

888 Days: 38% annualized return rate

These are the base rates. There are also bonuses based on referrals, the amount of ZBC you stake, the number of on-chain transactions, and the number of Zepoch Node NFTs you hold.

5. Can I withdraw ZBC before the staking period ends?

Yes, but withdrawing early results in a penalty. The penalty is 88% of the yield you would have earned from the start of the period.

6. Are rewards calculated based on compound interest?

No, rewards are calculated using simple interest. Any additional bonus rewards are based on the yield, not the principal.

Bonus Questions

7. How does the Referral Bonus work?

You can earn referral rewards by burning $18 worth of ZBC. The rewards are a percentage of the yield from all referrals whose newly staked ZBC value is equal to or greater than certain amounts.

8. How does the Quantity Bonus work?

If you stake above certain amounts, you can earn bonus yields. The bonuses increase with the amount you have staked.

9. How does the On-Chain Transactions Bonus work?

Completing a certain number of transactions will also increase the yield earned by the tokens staked by your wallet.

10. How does the Zepoch Node Bonus work?

Zepoch Node holders will earn special rewards. The bonus increases with the number of Zepoch Nodes you hold.

Technical Questions

11. How do I buy ZBC?

You can buy ZBC from a CEX like Huobi, OKX, and Gate.io. After buying, you need to transfer your tokens to your own wallet that works for the Nautilus Chain bridge.

12. How do I bridge my ZBC to Nautilus?

Once you have ZBC in your own wallet, you can use the Nautilus bridge. Choose the origin network of your ZBC, connect your wallet, and input how many ZBC tokens you want to bridge to the Nautilus Chain.

13. How do I withdraw my ZBC?

You can withdraw your ZBC at any time, but if you withdraw it before completing your staking package set time period, you will incur a penalty of 88% of the yield you would have earned from the start of the period.

14. How do I claim my earnings and rewards?

You can claim the interest your principal has earned at any time by going to the "Claim" page. Doing so will not withdraw the principle, and your order will continue to generate earnings.

15. How do I get a referral code?

To get a referral code, you need to stake any amount of ZBC. Then, go to the “Refer” page in the navigation bar and click on “Generate”. Confirm the ZBC cost for purchasing the invitation code, then confirm the transaction in your wallet.

16. Do I need a gas fee when bridging?

A.Yes, for most operations performed on BSC, you'll need to pay Gas in the form of BEP20 BNB. That's why a small amount of BNB will be required to perform the bridging.

17. Why can't I view my ZBC balance even though I have ZBC in my wallet?

A.The reason is that you haven’t bridged the Nautilus Chain yet. To participate in the pool, you need to have ZBC ( Nautilus ) in your wallet. So you need to swap your ZBC tokens using Nautilus Bridge.

Link to bridge: Link

Procedure: Link

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